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July 31, 2011

Beverly Pepper. "Manhattan Sentinels"

Pioneer sculptor Beverly Pepper created the Manhattan Sentinels which are a set of four cast iron pylons. The sculptures are permanently located at the Federal Plaza in front of Jacob K. Javits Federal Office Building. One in one corner and three in another. More info: Beverly Pepper's website 

July 30, 2011

Unidentified Sculptor. "Belleville War Memorial"

The Belleville War Memorial in Belleville, New Jersey is composed of a sculpture Lady Liberty knighting a soldier and a wall with pillars that lists citizens from Belleville and Nutley that have been lost to the many wars. At the same time, the wall remembers those that have been lost to the attacks of 9/11 and has a fountain in front. The sculpture is alleged to be date to the 1940's and that is why there is serious natural damage to the sculpture. To date, there is no information as to who the sculptor might be. Any information on the sculptor of this sculpture would be much appreciated. If you know some information on the sculptor, please leave a comment. 

July 29, 2011

Steven Millar. "Outside and the Other Side"

American artist Steven Millar created this sculpture in Socrates Sculpture Park that is currently part of the VISTA exhibition that will be running until August 7, 2011. More info: Steven Millar's website

July 28, 2011

Howie Sneider. "Which side are you on?"

American artist Howie Sneider created this sculpture that is part of the group exhibition VISTA at Socrates Sculpture Park. The exhibition deals with "the interplay between methods of viewing and the interpretation of the physical world." In this sculpture people can stand on either side of the sculpture and look through the camera lens that is installed in the sculpture. The sculptor is requesting visitors to take a picture through the lens and send it to him. More info: Howie Sneider's website

July 27, 2011

Tom Otterness. "Horse and Rider"

My favorite sculptor Tom Otterness has one of his pieces as part of the collection of the Marlborough Gallery. This sculpture of a one of his little people masked and riding a horse is part of the Summer Group Exhibition of the Marlborough Gallery. More info: Tom Otterness' website

July 26, 2011

Fernando Botero. "Woman on Horse"

One of my favorite artists is renowned Colombian figurative artist Fernand Botero who has created one of his lovely plump people as a sculpture which is part of the Summer Group Exhibition at the Marlborough Gallery. The exhibition runs until September 14, 2011.

July 25, 2011

Jim Henson. "Fantastic World" Exhibition

Famous Puppeteer Jim Henson has Fantastic World, a traveling exhibition made possible by the Smithsonian Institute, currently at the Museum of Moving Image until September 30, 2011. The exhibit displays some original muppets from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock as well as costumes from Henson's movies The Dark Crustal, Labyrinth and The Witches. A special muppet of Mayor Michael Bloomberg was created specially for the exhibit. More info: Jim Henson's Fantastic World

July 24, 2011

Steinunn Thorarinsdottir. "BORDERS" Exhibition

Icelandic sculptor Steinunn Thorarinsdottir has an amazing exhibition currently at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza made possible by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza is located next to the United Nations and the Katherine Hepburn Garden is located inside of the Plaza. The exhibition is composed of 13 aluminum and 13 cast iron figures standing along the Plaza and sitting down on benches. This public exhibit will run until September 30, 2011. More info: Steinunn Thorarinsdottir's website

July 23, 2011

Antonia A. Perez. "White Fence"

Artist Antonia A. Perez created this sculpture as part of El Museo del Barrio's 6th Annual Bienal titled El Museo's Bienal: The (S) Files 2011. Ms. Perez is a local emerging artist. More info: El Museo's Bienal: The (S) Files 2011